String A Farm & String N Beep Wooden Toys by Alex

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Happy Clam Store added photos to our store site of the Alex String a Farm and String N Beep sets. Their bright colors alone make us happy.

Alex String A Farm
Alex String A Farm –
That sheep is going rogue. We love free-thinking sheep!

Basically, kids take the pieces and string them together using the cotton lace. This activity teaches coordination and a maybe a sense of “project completion.” Hey, for a 3 year-old, that’s kind of a big deal!

Anyhoo, these Alex toys totally inspire more than simply lacing stuff together. Kids can also play with these pieces individually. For example, for String a Farm,. they can line up the animals alphabetically by name – to reinforce knowledge of letters.

Another way to use these toys: With supervision, toddlers who are potty-training can add one piece to the string each time they successfully, um, you know, pee or poop. (Happy Clam has never written those words in a post before, hence *giggling*.) Sooo aaaanyway, for potty-training, reward your child with something fun after he or she finally attaches that last piece (after hands are washed of course).

The String N Beep set is also adorable. You can explain to your child how each vehicle has a purpose. There’s the school bus for taking kids to that really fun place 5 days a week. An ambulance to take sick or injured people to that big building where they eventually get sent home with a bill that says something like: “Pay $230,527.21”

Alex String N Beep
Alex String N Beep –
Looks like traffic is all tied up.

You can also make it a game: Every time your child sees a similar vehicle out on the road, they can string that piece on. For the passenger cars, they can just find a matching similar color car. We say “similar” because good luck finding a red car with orange polka dots. You get the idea.

These quality Alex toys open up learning opportunities for children. String a Farm introduces city kids (that’s us!) who aren’t as familiar with farm life to the kind of animals they’d see on one. String N Beep shows the types of vehicles a kid would see on city highways. In traffic. On the 405 Freeway. At the Sepulveda Pass. Honking.

Both colorful sets make an eye-catching display when not in use. Plan ahead and add them to Easter baskets for the kids. (Easter is March 31, 2013 – we know you were wondering.)

Alex String A Farm Animals on Parade
You can also leave the animals free-range.

Alex String N Beep
Alex String N Beep –
If only traffic always looked fun!

Ages 3+
Box is 10″ x 1.8″ 10″
$12.99 each