Show Off Your Beach Body Without Dieting or Working Out!

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So many people with youthful attitudes, including some grandmas, have asked us about our Body Dreams Cover-Up T-Shirts. Whenever I wear mine, I get compliments on my “body”. So at our Happy Clam Store booth at El Cariso Park, we’re running a Special Offer of $18 for a Cover-Up, any style in stock. Regular price is $22. That beats a gym membership cost, right?

Forget those fad diets! Slip one of these on and you are good-to-go. These shirts are great for the beach, the lake, the pool, and even for just lounging around the house. Oh, YEAH – wear it loud and proud, baby! We dare ya to get the newspaper from your driveway wearing one of these. Or answer the doorbell while striking a Miss America-in-the-swimsuit-competition-pose.

In fact, for the guys – walk around in this Muscle Shirt and then run for Governor of California. You’ll get our vote.

The sale price of $18 is valid through July 10, 2010. The Body Dreams shirts are 50/50 cotton/poly blend and fits up to Size 16 for women. Men’s Muscle T-shirt only available in Large and X-Large sizes.

You’re welcome to come by the booth and try one on. Of course, we’re going to ask if we can take your picture – because we can’t afford to hire Abercrombie & Fitch models. Well, who wants to look like them anyway?

Click HERE to check out all the styles. Our favorite is the Cherry bikini. There’s a cherry “tattoo” on the back side.