Small Wonders in a Kaleidoscope

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Wow, talk about Old School! Kaleidoscopes will take you back to those lazy summer days of lying out on the grass, looking heavenward through a tube of ever-changing images. Well, if you never did that, now’s your chance!

Our Toysmith Old World kaleidoscopes are quality-made, solid (not flimsy) cardboard. I’ve put up many a ‘scope to my discriminating brown eyes; and for the price, these are worth it.

Looking through our ‘scope is like marveling at stained-glass windows. In fact, a little girl checked one out at my booth and told me that it looked like the ceilings at a church she had been in once. Not only was that an outstanding description, but obviously, this young girl was well-traveled, as there aren’t too many local churches with stained-glass ceilings. So basically, this lucky kid had been traipsing around Europe while I’m over here hanging out in the hot Valley selling kaleidoscopes and goofy shirts.

Then a boy came by and peered through a ‘scope and instantly shouted, “Dad! Look, this is cool!” I instructed him to aim it towards the sky so the colors showed even more brilliantly. His dad then reached over, while the kid was looking through the ‘scope, and slowly turned the “object box” (the part of the tube that holds the colored beads). The kid went nuts with amazement and yelled out “Wow – I didn’t know you could turn it! It changes!”

Of course his dad and I chuckled. We were thinking the same thing. Today’s kids are so into all the digital technology and gadgetry. Something as low-tech as a kaleidoscope can still bring moments of wonder and awe.

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