Clowns, Monkeys and Smurfs – Oh My!

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Don’t worry -it’s a dream sale come true and not a childhood phobia nightmare. We’ve put together a random mix of kid-friendly, easy-to-tote playthings and asked, “What kid wouldn’t want this stuff?”

Our Toysmith Circus Sam Balancing Toy entertains and teaches kids basic physics involving weights. You can balance this clown on his hat, his toes, his nose, his heels and on one foot (or two)! So many poses to try out; just use your imagination. He’ll even balance on your finger, your nose, your pencil eraser…

Sam and his stand measure 8 1/2″ high and nearly 10” wide.
Comes with one Sam the Clown, platform, pole, base, and instructional booklet. Toysmith Circus Sam is on sale through December 2, 2010, for only $8.99. Regular price is $10.99.

Hogwild Monkey Benders. We love these guys! They’re a gang of 4 colorful monkeys with magnetic feet and hands so they can be posed acrobatically on metal surfaces, together or separately. Stores in the banana-shaped tin container for extra cuteness.

Depending on the kid playing with them, these monkeys can find themselves in alot of mischief. At our store booth, where we allow kids to try out the toys, we caught the Monkey Benders creating havoc for Circus Sam as he struggled to maintain his balance. Sam was rescued just in time! Hogwild Monkey Benders is on sale through December 2, 2010, for only $11.99. Regular price is $13.99.

And to help you – er, your child – carry around these tricky toys, be sure to check out our Loungefly Smurf lunchboxes. The Smurfs movie will be coming out next year, so your kids can be the first to walk around lookin’ fly with Smurfy-Smurf style.

Loungefly metal lunchboxes have printed and embossed graphics. Measures 8” x 7” x 4”. Smurf lunchboxes are on sale through December 2, 2010, each for only $10.99. Regular price is $12.99.

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