6 Fun & Nifty Ways to Put Your Lunchbox to Work

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Coelacanth Space Port Recyclable Document Bag
Cute, colorful retro robots, rockets and planets.
If you’re a grown-up with a lunchbox, what do you really do with it? Do you actually use it to take your quinoa salad to work? Or does your metal lunchbox just sit there, displayed, but lonely and empty on a shelf, unable to relate to any of your knick-knacks?

Put your lunchbox on double-duty. Make it functional as well as eye-catching.

    1. Use one to store some desk supplies as shown here: pens, post-its, index cards and tabs. Simply close the lid to avoid tempting those pesky supply gremlins from helping themselves.
Use a lunchbox to store office supplies and free up desk drawer space.
Use a lunchbox to store office supplies and free up desk drawer space.
    2. Keep your stationery, stamps and stickers together so you can easily locate those birthday cards with the flip of a latch. You won’t procrastinate as much when everything is in one place ready to mail out (after the obligatory insertion of a check or a gift card).
Lunchbox Keeps Stationery and Stamps All in One Place
Our lunchboxes keep your greeting cards, stamps, and gift cards ready for sending.
    3. Or better yet, use a lunchbox as a clever gift box. Wrap up something in abundant colorful tissue, curl some ribbon around the handles or decorate it with a faux floral stem. Give a gift with creative flair.
    4. What kid doesn’t want to bring toys along on any car ride, be it to a doctor’s appointment or to Grandma’s house? Keep those action figures from wandering in public. Park those toy cars in a lunchbox garage.
Ford Mustang Lunchbox at Happy Clam Store
Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the iconic American muscle car with our officially licensed Ford Mustang lunchbox. Shown here with our Toy Cars (sold separately).

Depending on the lunchbox design, it’s fun to keep its contents in the same theme. For example:

    5. Musicians can store guitar picks, strings and cables in the Aquarius Fender Deluxe Reverb Guitar Amp.
Fender Guitar Amp Lunchbox at Happy Clam Store
We love the details on this officially-licensed lunchbox.
Fender Guitar Amp Lunchbox at Happy Clam Store
Cool gift for musicians. Throw in your cables, guitar picks, and other rock star props.
Close-up of Fender Amp Lunchbox controls
We love this lunchbox’s details. The Fender logo, knobs and input jacks are embossed. Realistic look of texture of the grill cloth and vinyl.

Here’s another example of staying in keeping with a lunchbox’s theme –

    6. Our Please Do Not Feed the Zombies lunchbox hides a snackivore’s goodies from any hands that might happen by. Just close the lid and batten down the hatches.
Warning Please Do Not Feed the Zombies Lunchbox at Happy Clam Store
We at Happy Clam are unapologetic zombie genre fans. Take this lunchbox to work, which is the true realm of zombies.

However, if you do want to appease the sluggish zombies at work who need to ramp up their blood sugar to get through the afternoon. Then you prop it open and sacrifice your goodies.

Do Not Feed The Zombies Lunchbox at Happy Clam Store
Excellent storage for emergency comfort food during the apocalypse.

So there you have it. Six nifty ways to put your lunchbox to work. Besides looking cool, our quality lunchboxes will dutifully serve a purpose on your work desk, at home, and even during the apocalypse panic. Better stock up.

See the rest of our Loungefly, Aquarius and Vandor lunchboxes and tin totes here…

Lunchboxes dimensions are approx. 8″ x 7″ x 4″ $12.99 each
Tin Totes dimensions are approx. 7.2” x 3” x 7.8” $10.99 each

Can you think of other interesting ways to use our metal lunchboxes?