Props to Auntie Fee Who Loves to Cook

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When I win the lottery (soon) the first person I’m going to hire is a personal chef. Someone who’ll prepare for me tasty spinach and tomato omelettes. With a slab of bacon on the side – for color, of course.

Until then, I do okay fending for myself and my suspiciously thin family. Heloise would give me a (barely) passing grade.

But busy peeps like me, we just don’t have the time, energy or inclination to prepare photogenic meals for the cover of Bon Appetit.

Looking through food mags is the same as fantasizing over travel mags. Sigh and mumble “someday”.

So for those of us who, for various excuses important reasons, simply resist getting to know our cooking utensils and appliances — there is salvation in Anne Taintor magnets.

Her magnets tell us that it’s okay to not experience the joy of cooking. Maybe someday…

Anne Taintor Magnet - Nothing...It's what's for dinner! - Happy Clam Store
What’s for dinner? Oh, the usual.
Anne Taintor Magnet - You'll never forget to turn off the oven...if you never turn it on - Happy Clam Store
Always safety first.
Anne Taintor Magnet - No...I do not think it's time to get dinner started - Happy Clam Store
Especially when I haven’t finished reading Outlander.

And then there’s the mother-of-all-refrigerator-magnets:

Anne Taintor Magnet - Make your own damn dinner - Happy Clam Store
Simple and to the point.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Our Anne Taintor retro-style magnets attract folks who appreciate smart-aleck humor. Go guerilla and sneak one on the office fridge. Sass is unstoppable.

We offer a humongous giggle-inducing selection.
3 3/8” Square. Individually bagged. $4.99 each

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