Summer is Coming

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It’s only April but in California it’s really summer all year long. Calendars mean nothing here. Yeah, occasionally we get that weird thing called rain. And then there’s that rare phenomenon where temperatures dip to 68 degrees. Thankfully, the weather gods don’t punish us too often nor too harshly. Maybe it’s our kale salad offerings found in every restaurant.

Meanwhile, outside of the Batcave, Batman’s ready to hit the waves:

Batman Surf's Up Available at Happy Clam Store
Batman figure from the Funko line of the Batman Classic TV Series. This vinyl figure wears boardshorts and holds a surfboard like from the show’s 1967 Season 3 Episode 10 “Surf’s Up! Joker’s Under!”



Batman Surf's Up Funko Vinyl Figure
If everybody had an ocean across the U.S.A., then everybody’d be surfin’, like Californ-I-ay



Batman Surf's Up Funko Pop Vinyl at Happy Clam Store
Enjoying a beach day in La Jolla, California!



Batman Surf's Up Funko Pop Vinyl in Box
Some people like to keep their collectible toys in the box. Personally, I like to let them out for playing.



Available at Happy Clam Store.
Limited quantity. Our collectible toys will not be restocked. Ages 14+ Batman figure is approx. 3.75” H x 3.75” W x 2” D $12.99 each

Rad gift for surfers who also happen to be Batman or DC Comics fans.