Happy Clam Blog is the companion site to our Happy Clam Store. We love all things that bring out the fun-loving side of people. We adore folks who don’t take themselves seriously all the time. We’ve even done random, purely unscientific testing and surveys of the general population and have firmly concluded that people who can laugh at themselves will indeed stay young forever.

We really wanted to publish our findings in all those important, renowned journals, but then realized that the best way to prove our theory is just to live it.

Our products appeal to those who are young at heart. Some of our toys are old-school but will still interest the “newer” kids. Yet, just as many so-called grown-ups stop by our booth to play with our toys. We heartily welcome all ages. In fact, we get the biggest kick out of the spunky senior citizens who get a mischievous twinkle in their eyes (and a muffled giggle) when they look over our Anne Taintor greeting cards or when they hear our irreverent Fart Machine let loose.

Our children’s books will delight kids and also entertain adults reading to their tykes. Read the fun books and it’ll never be a chore to read with your kids.

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